Going Coastal

For me, I usually spend less time adventuring when snow begins to fall. This is not because I dislike snow, rather, I merely don’t have a lot of experience dealing with it. An REI gift card recently reminded me “adventure has no off season.” With this lovely adage in mind, I decided to try an […]

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High Hopes on Talus Slopes

Mount Hope towers above the popular recreation area of Twin Lakes, Colorado. Despite its alluring contours and inviting slopes, it is often neglected; overshadowed by its slightly taller neighbors. Standing at an impressive 13,933′, Mount Hope is Colorado’s 64th tallest peak, and its proximity to larger and more popular summits in the Sawatch Range keep […]

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Aurora Torreyalis

My car whined and groaned in pain as we drove up the county road toward the trailhead of the standard route up Grays and Torreys Peak. “It’s OK, lil’ Subaru,” I reassured the struggling automobile, “you’ve done this before.” Grays and Torreys, by way of their novice and popular standard route, were my fourth and […]

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For The Crater Good

With Skyler and I both moving on to adventures far distant from one another, we decided to do one more big hike before the upcoming year. Lone Eagle Peak towering to a fine point over Mirror Lake is an iconic image of the Rocky Mountains. The neighboring water body, Crater Lake, is another well-regarded destination […]

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Through the Looking Glass

It was at the end of last year that the Overcast Adventurers and company donned their heaviest winter coats and set off to Rocky Mountain National Park to snowshoe up to a couple of frozen alpine and subalpine lakes. Back then, the crowds were thin, the air was brisk, and the landscape was an icebox […]

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Rite of Spring

Limestone is a soft rock made up of calcium carbonate. Water, which is regularly acidic after interacting with carbon dioxide, eats through limestone easily, and creates many of the world’s most awe-inspiring caverns. There is precious little of this rock in Colorado, but some exists in the north-western part of the state where a few […]

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Orphans and Endorphins

Maybe the depiction on my atlas was deceiving, or maybe we were just victims of my own foolishness, but I definitely thought that Gardner, Colorado—a town with multiple churches and an herb shop—would have a gas station. With a flickering gaslight, we, the Overcast Adventurers and Ty’s friend Seth, opted to purchase five gallons of […]

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