Beyond the Veil

The grimy and over-labored workers of the small mining camp of Buckskin Joe took solace in few things. The miners drudged to find the hidden treasures beneath the granite, the prospectors scoured the land for the promise of riches… but at the end of a hard day these men knew they could reconcile their struggles […]

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Bone Morrow Biopsy

A lazy weekend. My last day of classes. Encroaching finals week. These are the perfect ingredients for end-of-the-semester cabin fever. While there is no known cure for this cabin fever–medically speaking–adventuring seems to usually treat such an ailment. The Hermit’s Rest trail had been on my list for several years. Near the eastern terminus of […]

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Druid, Where’s My Car?

Hi everyone! A few weeks back, Skyler did a short post about hiking around Moab (here). The pictures and stories were just so great that I decided to come out of hiding and drive out to that area with Skyler over a long weekend. We decided last-minute to do our hiking in Canyonlands National Park, […]

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Absolutely Moab-ulous

As one of the leaders of Mountaineer Media—my university’s media production company—I had the opportunity this last weekend to attend the Moab Film Festival. My last excursion to the friendly desert community in eastern Utah was a half-decade ago. Back then, I was a fledgling photographer with bad practices and an over-inflated ego. Outside of being able […]

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Powder to the People

While much of the United States prepared to protest recent political affairs, I stared at the snow incessantly falling outside my apartment window. My thoughts drifted away from academia and to adventure-emia. West Elk Wilderness, one of Colorado’s largest and most immaculate wilderness areas, lies just fifteen minutes away from the campus of my university. […]

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For Emerald Lang Syne

Seasons greetings from the Overcast Adventurers! With the new year just around the corner, and the sizable intermission since our last post, Skyler and I thought it might be nice to get one more 2016 blog in. Our hike was one that is iconic to Colorado: the Emerald Lake trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. […]

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Sawatch Me Do Three

Missouri Mountain, Iowa Peak, and Emerald Peak Grand Slam ~15.5 miles round-trip; 6,300′ elevation gain.             The turn to Chaffe County Road 390 and its subsequent vexatious washboard ruts felt all too familiar. Five months ago, I had kicked off the 14er season with ascents of Mt. Belford and Mt. Oxford—two of the three 14ers […]

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